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How this works…

  1. Contact Clergy Collar office.
  2. Secure your date.
  3. Receive and return your simple agreement from the Clergy Collar Office. (download the agreement here and print)
  4. Agree to sell 200 $20 tickets. (compare at $40 - $65 with no fundraising opportunities)
  5. Use the tools on our Promo Page to promote your event and cause.
  6. Sell your tickets.
  7. There are no out of pocket or “up front” costs to your organization.
  8. Simply send half of the ticket proceeds four weeks ahead of the event.
  9. Deliver the final ticket proceeds and any unsold tickets to Clergy Collar the day of the event.
  10. Receive a corporate check for $5.00 for every ticket sold before Clergy Collar leaves town.

All you need…

  1. A room seating at least 200 people
  2. A microphone, stool, and sound person
  3. Promotions and a small, passionate ticket sales force

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